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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Medmerry RSPB

Saturday morning
I went to see if I could find the Black-Winged Stilt chicks
at Medmerry.
Hot & sticky day for a long walk and so worth it
my last time was a month ago when the three chicks crossed the road
to go into the larger area.
Watching mum & dad walked the chicks over the road and up the path
amazing to see.
Today Saturday morning that is, a slow walk to the east end of the
beach from Medmerry I now where to go as I spoke to Andrew House
& Sam Hill the Chicks were on flying lessons with mum & dad nearby
Leggy was easy to find ( Colin& Mich ) he flow out of a ditch and
behind the other two chicks.
then they had ago with a wing stretch first & mum showing them how to fly.
AMAZING one month on and flying now.19th July 2014 watched two fly...
all so Juv LRP & Juv Avocet Juv Moorhen 2 Common sand 1 Green sand in ditches.

Two Black-winged Stilt chicks

 mum's flying lessons

 Leggy flying at the back left

 chick flying
 Common sandpiper
 Juv LRP
 Green sandpiper

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