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Friday, 28 June 2013


The Scaup was showing on the other side.
Then  l walked the north wall but not a lot
around at the moment young birds
around getting feed in reeds and bushes.

 Sedge Warbler
 sedge at -.3
 sedge at +1.7


Wednesday, 26 June 2013


afternoon me and john headed to South Wales
to get on Skomer the next day left at 4pm
arrived 9.30 with a local bag if chips.
We had a quick look around for Chough
as the sun went down heard only and heard
quail to.
In the morning after a long night sleeping in the car.
We looked for Chough again found two then they joined
six more so watched 8 fly off to a near island.
At 7.20am we got in the Q for a ticket to skomer island
got on first boat at 10am till 3.30pm.
80 thousand Puffins on the island they said
l didn't count to cheek...
as it got hot l put my fleece on the ground
and a Puffin started to try and take a badge off it.
I moved it away great fun.
We headed home at 4pm got back at 9.30

Red moon night




Sunday, 23 June 2013

Ferry pool

Ferry pool

at 8.30am this morning

21 Avocet 1 green sandpiper 1 common sandpiper
2 redshank loads of black-tailed godwit

Green sandpiper
 common sandpiper & avocet
 B T Godwit

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Warnham Day

Helped at Warnham res
and got to see the Moths
jake got over night last night..

Friday, 21 June 2013

Isle of Wight

Off to the Isle of Wight
for the day..

My John Matt Jake headed to the island
for the Wilson's Phalarope by 10am we got it.
watched it for nearly two hours.
then headed to see Glanville Fritillary's
we all saw 10+ and on the way back to the
car jake spotted a Clouded Yellow going passed
to quick for a pic.
We headed back to see the Phalarope
but more distant this time.
Then to the ferry they turned us away as to many cars around
back in two hours and sent away again for another hour then
got in a lane third time lucky got home by 9.30 pm left at 6.30am
a long one.

 Wilson's Phalarope

 Bee orchid
 Painted lady

 Glanville Fritillary
 Meadow pipit

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Sussex Forest

looking for the juv's

l was juv Redstart
juv Great spot woodpecker
and a Turtle dove on way home.
 2 Different chicks hear the call
 juv Redstart
 Tree pipit

 male Redstart
 Common Buzzard

Monday, 17 June 2013

Looking at Juv's today

Warnham & Cissbury Ring

After yesterday had two walks
one at Warnham till lunch
found juv robin's & Nuthatch
Common Tern chicks on raft
the a Afternoon walk at Cissbury
ring in the south downs
with Corn Bunting Skylark Linnit
Whitethroat in the area.

Nuthatch juv
 Robin juv
 Linnit juv
 Corn Bunting
 Common Tern
 Speckled wood
Small Tortoiseshell