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Wednesday, 26 June 2013


afternoon me and john headed to South Wales
to get on Skomer the next day left at 4pm
arrived 9.30 with a local bag if chips.
We had a quick look around for Chough
as the sun went down heard only and heard
quail to.
In the morning after a long night sleeping in the car.
We looked for Chough again found two then they joined
six more so watched 8 fly off to a near island.
At 7.20am we got in the Q for a ticket to skomer island
got on first boat at 10am till 3.30pm.
80 thousand Puffins on the island they said
l didn't count to cheek...
as it got hot l put my fleece on the ground
and a Puffin started to try and take a badge off it.
I moved it away great fun.
We headed home at 4pm got back at 9.30

Red moon night




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