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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

l went to the old lodge in ashdown today and weir wood res.
at weir wood their was 2 little stint's 2 greenshanks,a dunlin,
2 wood sandpiper's 2 green sandpiper's and at least 2 kingfishers
we moved on to ashdown at the old lodge.
their was 2 spotted flycatchers,treecreeper,s coal,blue,great,
and longtail tit's around a male bullfinch,chaffinch,greater spotted
woodpecker,wood lark,
l went back in the evening to see the night heron and saw it at 7.50
but to dark for pic's then.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

steyning butterflies

a nice morning at steyning l saw 3 Brown Hairstreak's
small copper,small white,large white,brown argus,
comma,red admiral,common blue,small heath,meadow brown,speckled wood.
speckled wood
 red admiral
 small copper
 small white
 brown argus
 Brown hairstreak's

 scorpion flie

Friday, 26 August 2011

Beachy Head

Went to Beachy Head thinking that the rain would miss their.
l was wrong l got drenched through walked Birling Gap to
 beachy light house rain didn't stop.l saw 3 wheatear's
a spotted flycatcher,some whitetroat's and a robin,and a
kestel then headed home to get dry again.
in the afternoon found a moth at my parters house
a Orange Swift a male.

Thank's jake for id on the moth

Thursday, 25 August 2011

seaford head

l arrived at Seaford head at around 7.30 to walk the area.
my first views were the yellow wagtails around the cow's in
the field by the barn watched them fly over my head and around
the cow's as they feed.Then went to harry's bush and along the
path to the cottage's were l found a died Wheatear. Then Hope Gap
as a Great Skua went over my head and over Hope Gap.
a few Stonechats around and a Wheatear.Just before

the car park l found 2 Spotted Flycatcher's on the edge of the field.

Monday, 22 August 2011

pulbourgh brook

Me &  john
Went to the brooks to see the Temminck's stint that we got.
With 3 Green sandpipers,2 Common sandpipers,2 LRP,
8 Ruff at north brooks.Then finnished with the Wryneck
at the centre.
 common whitethroat
 house sparrow
 temmick's stint

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

THORNEY ISLAND then north wall pagham

A great start watching a osprey taking a fish then to it's post for breakfast
Then the Cattle Egret arrived in the field with the cows.
kestrels hunting and a common buzzard on a post
a wheatear on the wall by the sea.
Then headed to north wall with Bernie,Dave,Dorian,Dave.
With swifts,swallows,sand martins, black tailed godwit,
whinchat,wheatear,sparrowhawk ,and  probable a Marsh harrier.
goldfinch,little egrets. my first Cattle egret, and on the yearlist whinchat.
 Cattle egret

 Black tailed godwit

Monday, 15 August 2011

Beachy Head

Me and John went to beachy head to see the Autumn Lady's-tresses over 100 showing well.
then walked to belle tout 6+ silver spotted skippers on both sides of the wood.
a nice female sparrowhawk went passed along the ridge.
some stonechats around and skylark,goldfinch,whitethroat,
22 orchids this year.
 Autumn Lady's-tresses

 silver spotted skipper
common darter