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Friday, 12 August 2011

pulbourgh brook

had a look around the brook this afternoon
 4 common buzzards on the way their.
then headed to the picnic area to look for brown hairstreaks.
no joy their but lots to see.
common sandpiper,green sandpiper,LRP,dunlin, lapwing,
linnit,wren,dunnock,lesser whitethroat,sand martin,swallow,
green woodpecker,goldfinch,rook, carrion crow,jackdaw,
mallard,moorehen,greylag geese,redstart,starling,house sparrow,
blue tit, great tit,marsh tit,26 birds and l was looking for butterflies.
small white,speckled wood,gatekeeper,meadow brown,small copper,
5 today.
 wood pigeon
 speckled wood
 small copper
 female redstart
 sand martin to quick for me.
 andrena cineraria
Xanthogramma Pedissequum

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