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Monday, 30 December 2013

Old Lodge ashdown

Old Lodge
This afternoon looking for the Parrot crossbills
as a group of 4 arrived one calling parrot as common crossbills
were calling a difference was heard by all around at time.
then to find them as they feed on cones in the trees in front of use
all scoping common mostly but found a large female sitting out
before feeding.

Probable Parrot crossbill
 common crossbill and larger parrot below
 Male common crossbill

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Isle of Portland

At trip to Portland

We got to see the Brunnich's Guillemot
and it popped up 12ft from use once cool
bird not shy at all.


Half the crowd watching the Guillemot

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Sussex Review 2013

First on the 3rd a male Goosander at Warnham
then Waxwings
firecrest at Arundel out side WWT
Bewick swan's in same area
Water rail at Pulbourgh brooks

 Water rail

Saw a great time to see barn Owl's and a Bonaparte's Gull at Princes park

 Bonaparte's Gull
Was a good time with Glossy Ibis Jack snipe Black-necked Grebe & Kentish Plover
 Black-necked Grebe
 Jack snipe
A Stunning long-Eared Owl at Pagham
with Corncrake at Beachy head & my first Pied flychatcher
that's to Matt for the call.

 Long-Eared Owl

Another first for Jake at
a Roseate Tern
Matt found an American Golden Plover
at the Cuckmere Haven
Booted Warbler at Climping
Little stint at Arlington res
 Climping Booted Warbler
 Little stint
Red-Backed Shrike & a Booted warbler
Andrew W and Kris the finders
 Booted Warbler
 Red Kite
Long-tailed Duck at Rye & Female Goosander at widewater
 Female Goosander
A Black-Throated Diver juv Spoonbill Eider duck's

 Black-Throated Diver

Friday, 20 December 2013

West Rise marsh

Male Smew

still at west rise today
with a lot of Gulls around to
and a pintail.

 Male Smew

 Gulls washing

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Patrington Haven Yorkshire

Started the long drive at 4am
with Jake & John stopping half way for a ten minute break
then moved on as we got to Hull the News came out its still
there we arrived just after 9am walked the track to the pumping house
and the Ivory Gull was out on the rocks.
About 150 meters away watching it clean its self for 15 min's
then it flow up over use and came to the fish by the pump house
we sat watching it feed on some of the fish around then it flow off back
to the rocks. a Great day watched it for around 2 hours in very
windy conditions.
Arriving back home around 5.30pm.

Ivory Gull as we arrived

 Ivory Gull