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Monday, 26 August 2013

Seaford Head & Beachy Head

Started the Day
at Seaford head after a quick walk to the dung heap
to see 4 Whinchat & a dozen or more Wheatear l headed to Harry's bush
meet Bob Self there an we saw 2 Pied flycatcher's 3 Spotted Flycatcher's
willow warbler's blue & Great tit then moved on to the Cuckmere and cottage's
finding Yellow wagtails dunlin 3 greenshank more Wheatear's
Then I headed to Beachy head shooters bottom and the old trapping area
at shooters bottom l saw a grasshopper warbler Garden warbler whitethroat
3 Ravens at old trapping area l saw a spotted flycatcher & a Pied flycatcher
with 6 clouded yellows seen all day to.

Whinchat at dung heap
juv  Wheatear
Spotted flycatcher
Harry's bush
 Pied Flycatcher

 Clouded Yellow
 shooter's bottom
 2 of the 3 Raven's
Spotted flycatcher
old trapping area
 Pied flycatcher old trapping area

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