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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

climping warbler

Driving back home
l got to hear about the possible Sykes's warbler in Climping
so headed there watching the bird fly from bush to bush
the best time was as it sat up for only seconds then moved again
the main thinking was its a Sykes's warbler so my first as would
be for most birders there. I hope this shots help with a id to be shore

Warbler shots


  1. Wow - fantastic bird to find. Was it doing the tail flicky thing?

  2. Well sitting here with BWP and the pictures it looks more like Sykes than anything else. No dark tip to the bill - completely white breast and flanks - head shape. Interesting how actually some of the less classically well posed photographs are the most useful! Great work. See what the BBRC has to say!

  3. Thanks for the comments Guy Michelmore
    most people are thinking Booted Warbler

  4. Actually although it is very pale on the breast and flanks there is a distinct dark tip to the bill in some of the shots isn't there? And the tertials? How hard is this - even with great pics? Fascinating though. Thanks for some fantastic shots.

  5. Congratulations on the Bird of the week feature in Birdguides Mick.