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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Cleveland Eastern Crowned Warbler

 l Went to see the Eastern Crowned Warbler

With David Campbell Driving, Ian, George,
Me and George left Crawley at 00.15am for David's house
then on our way at 1.15am we arrived at first light 7am
at the Hunley Hall Golf Course Brotton Cleveland.
As the first thirty people looking in the area me and a our birder
first got on it and call all over then 7.30 the E C Warbler
moved along the edge of the area head height so all their saw it in great
detail we all stopped looking as it went over our heads so the
bird went on feeding in the tops of the trees,
later on it was great to meet Ian Kendall and his dog how found this the 3rd
for uk . Thanks David &Ian for Driving a 20 hour birding day.

You can see the Crown

 Ian Kendall (finder)

 Rough-Legged Buzzard

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