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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Kilnsea yorkshire

Going for the Masked Shrike
Me John & George left crawley at about 6.45am
to arrive at noon soon as we parked the car we walked to a small group
that was watching the shrike all from the gate this is day 11 for this bird
as if feed all the time catching two butterflys bee's wasp's and daddy long legs.
all shots are at around 150 ft away this lovely Shrike was happy going about
its daily task of eating near the hedge.we had a walk to the hide to see the Jack snipe
and common snipe their saw a fly over snow bunting on the way and mist the Richards pipit
and common rosefinch in the area but got want we came for..Nice day got back about 8.30pm

 Masked Shrike

 Jack Snipe

 Common Snipe

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