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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Tenby Great Spotted Cuckoo

Up at 5.20am
ready to go to Wales with George
we left Three bridges station 6.30
on the long trip 4.30 hours one way
news was good and we entered Wales.
As now the BUT 40mins before we arrived
the Cuckoo had people getting to close
and flow of shore to a island about a mile away
this was no small island with fields and large area
to now get moved so on arriving people were leaving.
We said we would stay for a few hours then head home
By 2pm most people had gone but in our last 20min
the bird came over the hill down the golf course and in to
a bush no more then 50 yards away.Wow
that was such a good felling we watch it for a hour an a half.
taking 700+ pic's mostly feeding in the dunes and preening
in the bush it came back to. I put the news back out
soon as it came back. A Superb Bird so happy to see.
got back home by 8pm.

The island it flow to

 Great Spotted Cuckoo

 Bush it liked

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