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Monday, 31 December 2012

My Big Year 2012

I started the year at Rye & Castle water, Pett level
with 52 differant birds on my first day out on the 2nd
of January.On the 4th me and Jake done Norfolk &
saw 83 differant birds l got 6 new lifers as l started the year
with 246 on my life list.loads of days out with John Stanton
Matt Eade, Jake Everitt, Dan & Mike, Bob Self and many
other Sussex Birders . thanks to all.
Had three trips to Wales two to Scotland one to Yorkshire
the rest more south than that didn't do Silly's or Shetland
two boat trips in Dorset helped with a bulldog mind to get one more
& one more again to keep up with the birders at the front.
The Scotland trip was Amazing (6 day's) lifers every day
an a Boat trip with white-tailed Eagle 20 feet away.
I finished the Year with 309 & 315 on my UK life List
thats 69 new birds this year & joint 5th on BUBO list
Jake got 3rd Place, Matt got 4th Place... Great time l will
never forget THANKS

self found shoreham
 Iceland Gull
 Rainham Bearded tit
 Gosport Ring-billed Gull
 Warnham Redwing
 Castle water Bittern
 Sanderling Selsey bill
 Highlands Ptarmigan
 Jake & Matt on the Sea Eagles Boat
 Cream-Coloured Courser
 Stodmarsh White-winged Black Tern
 Yorkshire Roller
 Dorset Manx Shearwater
 Kingfisher Sussex
 Yellow Wagtail Ouse marsh
 Rainham Baillon's Crake
 Portland bill Black Redstart
 Hornemann's Arctic Redpoll
 Queen mother's res Buff-Bellied Pipit

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