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Sunday, 21 October 2012


Woke at 1.30am saturday to meet Matt
at 2.10 we all went for the Pallas's Warbler at Knott end
in a garden number 69 we got their in the dark and waited for
first light to go in at 7.30am we got it and then off to Scotland
arriving at 1 pm at Kilminning Castle then started looking for the Radde's
Warbler first no show so went 100 meters to the Eastern Olivaceous Warbler
we got it and back to the Radde's and got that. Then to the other for pic's
and back to the Radde's for a record shot to and on the way out stopped at the area
for shots of the red-Breasted Flycatcher that was feeding on the lower parts of the trees
then a 8 and a half hour drive home Great job MATT one LONG DRIVE.
and Neil for keeping you awake.

 Eastern Olivaceous Warbler

 Radde's Warbler

 Red-Breasted Flycatcher

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