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Friday, 30 December 2011

Arlington res
before the rain headed to Arlington hoping to get pic's of Caspian Gull
 but l found a adult Yellow-legged Gull with only a few Gull's around today
but still Black-headed Gull,Common Gull,Lesser Black-backed Gull,
Great Black-backed Gull,Herring Gull,Yellow-legged Gull.
Yellow-legged Gull & Common Gull
 Herring,Yellow-Legged,Black-headed  Gull's
 Herring Gull
 Lesser B B Gull
 Lesser B B Gull
 Yellow-legged Gull& Herring

 6 Gull's common, black-headed,yellow-legged,LBB,GBB,Herring.

 Mute Swan's

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